Members of the Official Arthur Norman Fan Club

Honorary Member: Dr. A. C. Norman

Number   Member's Name   Reason Why ACN is Cool  


Nick Jones His hats are simply amazing!


Jason Williams "Please be sympathetic to them, say things like "ha-ha-ha", but in a sympathetic tone of voice". Nuff said. :-)


Matthew Ward have you seen his cat?


Kevin Chan Cool hats


Bob Salmon It's like asking "Why do I think salt is salty?" It just is. He just is.


Martin Thorpe He's cool because of his great quotes, such as 'Vote early, and vote often'.


Han Zheng he keeps his supervision time severely.


Anna Taylor I've never met Arthur (I'm at Liverpool Uni) but my twin brother, Peter, is a Compsci at Trinity, and he told me about him, and sent me the url of the homepage. I think all the quotes are really funny, and when I come down to visit P (though I haven't told him yet I'm going to..) I now hope to get to go to an Arthur Norman lecture with him....


Charles Fox Because the presence of his fan club allowed me to write this sentence here.


Joseph Myers It's obvious! 602bc151367e06e47800b44a176be1af. _And_ he let CUCPS store our old computer equipment in his room for rather too long.