Members of the Official Arthur Norman Fan Club

Honorary Member: Dr. A. C. Norman

Number   Member's Name   Reason Why ACN is Cool  


John Norman from Toobeah Australia my dad's name is Arthur


Ash Nehru he climbs his chair when he gets excited


David Jones He's a cool guy because he designed a hardware evaluator for lambda-calculus (SKIM), wrote an ANSI C compiler which doesn't suck goats through a straw, and has written several LISP systems (including the 300 line BCPL version), and got an operating system named after him ("Arthur" on the Archimedes, so called because it ran in supervisor mode).


Nicko van Someren Arthur is cool because he makes excellent ice-cream, and eats much of it himself.


Nick Smith His lectures are worth going to even if you aren't taking that course, or even that degree.


Alistair Maw "I sometimes spend many more hours on a stretch at a keyboard than I maybe ought to."


Robert Newsome He's a compsci lecturer. And he has his own fan club. Wow.


Patrick Loo His jokes stop you from falling asleep in lectures.


Ronan Sleep The answer is simple. Arthur Norman has TWO frost free freezers. For this reason he is locally known as 'two freezer Norman' after 'two shed Jackson' of Monty Python fame.


Richard Stuart (Age 11!) I've met him. And he upgrades my computer for free! No - he's my friend.