Arthur Norman

On 12th March 2008 Arthur Norman gave his last lecture, an event recorded by the Computer Lab.

They note that he did his Dip Comp Sci in 1970 and was appointed as a lecturer in 1980. This was fortuitous timing for me as I did my Comp Sci part II in 1982 and so I fondly remember Arthur's course on Lisp which began with his advocacy of it as a programming language which could do anything so why bother with any other. He was clearly mad. But amusingly so.

I and my fellow undergraduates weren't alone in our devotion to Arthur. Many years later it seems that some of them set up the Official Arthur Norman Fan Club so that his wisdom could be collected in one place and handed down to future generations.

By then we had the World Wide Web so some time before October 1999 they bought this domain and put up the pages you see here.

Some time between 21st March 2003 and 12th April 2003 it looks like there was a problem with the server on which the site was hosted and the pages were lost. They were never recovered and the domain was given up in late 2004. It was then grabbed by a domain squatter for a couple of years and then they didn't renew it.

On 19th December 2008 I was looking for quotes by Arthur and discovered this sorry state of affairs so I re-registered the domain, recovered the content from the Internet Archive, cleaned them up a bit and added this explanation.

Paul Oldham, King's 1979

In 2017 I tried to show this website to a friend and discovered that the domain has expired and was bought by a japanese company seemingly unrelated to the name, fortunately they let it expire, so I registered the domain, pointed it the original server (recovered from historical DNS records), and later mirrored the website and added this explanation.

Filip Ayazi, Trinity 2015