Members of the Official Arthur Norman Fan Club

Honorary Member: Dr. A. C. Norman

Number   Member's Name   Reason Why ACN is Cool  


Silas Brown You have to keep your cool to put up with a club like this in your name


Sam Essen He is as sad as I am!


Peter Clay Because he can wear a tweed jacket with *style*.


SiraJ He's the only person I know who can talk for 10 minutes straight and _still_ be on the same sentence


Peter George D'Souza Because I spend my whole life typing in Economics essays in the Queens' computer room, so I figure that only this man can be less of a human than me.


Nick Tosh I'm a Stats boy through and through! What more needs be said?


Rob Michaelson-Yeates I just want to be in with the funky crowd really...


Colin Towers Well, he let me wear a silly hat during a lecture - a rather tall pointy witches hat. Picture to appear on my website sometime. And for letting me sit through a lecture with a frog draught excluder across the desk.


Christopher Town Because he admits he sometimes doesn't understand himself : "I often send myself encoded messages, but I can't decrypt them, so I don't know what I am talking about."


Sean Chua i know medics who go to his lectures...and get fascinated by his aura